國際間如何使用順勢健康法處理新冠肺炎? 國際間如何使用順勢健康法處理新冠肺炎? 中文字幕:新冠肺炎三個層次的順勢療法(1) 新冠肺炎三個層次的順勢療法(2)新冠肺炎三個層次的順勢療法(3)案例:樟腦CAMPH. 新冠肺炎三個層次的順勢療法(4)案例薯蕷BRY 、砷ARS 新冠肺炎三層次的順勢療法(5)體質治療的重要 上網查詢(Repertory) 上網查詢(Repertory)       資料庫 會員進入    參考書籍:順勢療法家庭手冊    順勢療法家庭手冊2   12礦鹽手冊  軟體 線上刷卡 線上刷卡 台灣里OpenPay 付款代收服務:線上信用卡分期付款、便利超商、銀聯卡、支付寶、財富通、Paypal付款請進入台灣里OpenPay網頁左下角「特店刷卡區」,輸入: 1. 代收商家編號:72172. 金額:如果出現代收商家名稱 :順勢行即為正確,價款才不會誤寄。 山姆·赫尼曼如是說 山姆·赫尼曼如是說 研究順勢療法,對的方法就沒區別,不是區分印度或歐洲,或美洲,而是區分有否遵循山姆·赫尼曼所創造的順勢療法原則:單一、少量、相似。   山姆·赫尼曼的書Organon第273則: 如果治療是必要的,則不論在任何情況下,不准給予病人一次超過一種且大量的葯方! 到底那一個方式比較自然且合理?是給一種且簡單少量的葯物?或者給予多種混合的葯物? 我們難以想像,為何會有這樣的懷疑存在! 順勢療法是依據事實、簡單且自然的治療藝術:絕對不允許給病人一次超過一種混合葯方!   以前的原文: 273(*)   It is not conceivable how the slightest dubiety could  exist as to whether it was more consistent with nature and more rational to prescribe a single well-known medicine at one time in a disease, or a mixture of several differently acting drugs. 第六版改為:   (*) Sec. #273 is wholly re-written in the Sixth Edition, as follows: ["In no case under treatment is it necessary and therefore not permissible to administer to a patient more than one single, simple medicinal substance at one time. It is inconceivable how the slightest doubt could exist as to whether it was more consistent with nature and more rational to prescribe a single, simple (++) medicine at one time in a disease or a mixture of several differently acting drugs. It is absolutely not allowed in homoeopathy, the one true, simple and natural art of healing, to give the patient at one time two different medicinal substances".]   第六版新增解釋為何不能結合兩種材料: (++) A new foot-note is added in the Sixth Edition, as follows:   ["Two substances, opposite to each other, united into neutral Natrum and middle salts by chemical affinity in unchangeable proportions, as well as sulphuretted metals found in the earth and those produced by technical art in constant combining proportions of sulphur and alkaline salts and earths, for instance (natrum sulph. And calcarea sulph.) as well as those ethers produced by distillation of alcohol and acids may together with phosphorus be considered as simple medicial substances by the homoeopathic physician and used for patients. On the other hand, those extracts obtained by means of acids of the so-called alkaloids of plants, are exposed to great variety in their preparation (for instance, chinin, strychnine, morphine), and can, therefore, not be accepted by the homoeopathic physician as simple medicines, always the same, especially as he possesses, in the plants themselves, in their natural state (Peruvian bark, nux vomica, opium) every quality necessary for healing. Moreover, the alkaloids are not the only constituents of the plants".] 所以山姆·赫尼曼強調只有單一葯方,這時自然而理智的方法。 我:葯方是一個一個材料(單一)經由一群健康的人試驗出來產生的這些症狀,經稀釋振盪後(少量)用來治療有相同症狀的病人(相似)。 順勢健康法書籍 順勢健康法書籍 順勢療法家庭手冊 順勢療法家庭手冊2 12礦鹽手冊 軟體(軟件)  上網購買: 我們的理想 我們的理想 我們的理想,是想讓炎黃子孫能了解歐洲的健康療法,每一條街和每一個社區都有順勢療法的諮商師。 「順勢療法家庭手冊」博客來訂購 「順勢療法家庭手冊」博客來訂購 博客來網路書店訂購「順勢療法家庭手冊」,打九折,可7-11取貨時再付款: 或順勢行網站: 或讀書會地點 或中國瑜伽出版社 靜坐冥想音樂 靜坐冥想音樂 Ever-Changing World.mp3 Clear Reflection.mp3 我們可以代為訂購喔! 順勢健康法體質問卷 順勢健康法體質問卷 順勢健康法體質問卷,放在上網查Repertory,會員以帳號、密碼進入查詢!